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Celtic Calon


A. It varies from person to person. Most people generally improve after the initial consultation but there are exceptions and contributing factors can play a role in this. Follow up sessions may be recommended to provide ongoing relief as most conditions require at least two sessions to assist you back to improved health.

We will work with you to personalise and formulate a treatment plan, if one is required.

A. It would be ideal for you to receive an initial treatment a minimum of five days prior to any event to allow you time to process the session and for your body to make the necessary adjustments in maintaining peak condition. As we see how your body reacts to the treatment, this time could be reduced to be closer to the event date. Please click here to read the post-treatment advice.

A. It is always beneficial to consult with your doctor on a new injury/condition as they should be your first port of call in any event. You will then be able to provide details of the diagnosis at the appointment. As a business/therapist, we cannot provide you with medical advice and the therapies we provide are not in any way a substitute for seeking advice and treatment from a medical practitioner.

A. Yes, they do. We recommend allowing a week after each session before having other treatments as this is the best way to achieve maximum results. If you are already receiving a different alternative therapy, say for example, acupuncture, we would recommend you speak with that therapist to see if any waiting periods are required.

A. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing, as you are treated through your clothing.

A. Please click here to be directed to the bookings page.

You will note there are a few different options. Please ensure you click on the appropriate button for the treatment and location you require.

A. At present, we have options to pay by cash on the day or by bank transfer. If you opt for paying by bank transfer, please note cleared funds are required 24 hours prior to your appointment. All initial consultations require a deposit of 25% deposit by way of bank

transfer. Please click here to see our Terms and Conditions for more information which includes our cancellation policy.