Celtic Calon

Celtic Calon


Vicky has treated both my rescue dogs, and the change in them (and me) is remarkable. For Roger, my little Terrier, he took to the sessions quickly and trusted Vicky’s soft and gentle nature straight away. I noticed his digestive ailments lessen almost immediately. My Staffy, Ruby was a little more apprehensive, and it took several sessions for her to build up to a point she felt comfortable to really surrender to Vicky’s touch, but the difference since has been amazing. Some huge emotional shifts have taken place for her and she seems so much happier and less anxious. She willingly rolls over now when Vicky sits down beside her! I feel being alongside the dogs and Vicky during the sessions has also helped me gain a better understanding of the dogs and helped strengthen our bond too.

Dianne, Perth WA

Kelly, our 12½ year old Blue Heeler cross Red Heeler has a history of bad hips with rheumatism also apparent in them creating a lot of pain, especially in the colder months of the year. Vicky started working on Kelly’s hips and to our amazement we found a big improvement with mobility increased by 60% allowing her to run and walk freely again, after a couple of months of treatment, Kelly has improved greatly and even seems happier and playfully again.

Vicky also worked on my daughter’s cat called Turbo, who also improved so much in regards to mobility and in general health that we questioned why we had done it, after some of the antics he was getting up to!

All in all we would have no hesitation in recommending Vicky in assisting you with your pet’s needs.

Steve, Perth WA

After suffering with pain in my legs for over a year, I tried a Bowen Therapy session with Vicky. It was very relaxing and I felt comfortable throughout the treatment. I woke up the following day feeling much better and have had no pain since the treatment. I would highly recommend Bowen Therapy.

Sean, Perth WA

In 2014, I injured my head and neck by diving into the shallow end of a swimming pool and hitting my head on the bottom. As a result of the accident, I was rushed for medical aid and later sent to see specialists. I was given MRI scans, CT scans and blood samples were taken. I had not broken my neck but had crush type injuries in my top 3 vertebrae. A lump formed in my neck which caused severe pain radiating through my neck and into my head for most of the waking day. I lost range of movement in my neck and what I had was stiff and painful.


I had tried various therapies including Physiotherapy and Osteopathy to try to regain the range of movement but none of these proved to be very effective. The pain and movement loss continued for 2 years.

Vicky performed a treatment of distance Reiki on me in February 2016. Since then I have noticed a huge improvement with every aspect of my neck and head. I have massively reduced pain and almost 90% of the movement back in my neck with minimal stiffness.

The difference really is amazing and has improved my life significantly.

Sam, UK
I found Vicky to be very professional in her approach. I appreciated the way that she was able to adjust the first session so that my particular needs were addressed, and then carry this through into the second session enabling further progress to be made. Vicky is also calm, collected and approaches the session in good humour, listening to the needs of her client. I found my Bowen treatment to be a positive experience. I felt very relaxed, more relaxed than I’d been in some time. I certainly felt a lot less tense especially across the shoulders and back and it seemed to me that my posture has improved. I am planning further treatments in the near future. Ryszard, Perth WA